Project No.: HH005

Shenyang HEHONG Real Estate makes open bidding for elevator engineering of HEHONG PLAZA project, welcome tendering units in line with requirements to come for bidding.

I. Project name: HEHONG PLAZA Project Phase 1-1 Elevator Engineering II. Project overview: 1. Project location: This project is located between Zhihui 4th Street and Shenzhong Avenue, south of Quanyun 3rd Road in Hunnan District.

  1. Project introduction: HEHONG PLAZA project covers an area of 19,115.1m2 with a plot ratio of 7.0 and total building area of 140,000m2 or so. It is divided into phase 1-1 (over-ground part and its affiliated under-ground part of building A, A+ and C), phase 1-2 (over-ground part and its affiliated under-ground part of building B) and phase 2 (over-ground part and its affiliated under-ground part of building D).

  2. Project content: All the work for completion of this project such as the deep design of construction drawing within the scope of the contract, the supply of materials and construction and installation, compatibility test, detection, transportation, maintenance and repair of quality defects of materials.

  3. Project construction schedule: Building A, from November 20th, 2018 to December 19th, 2018 Building A+, from April 30th, 2018 to May 30th, 2018 Building C, from November 20th, 2018 to December 20th, 2018

  4. Construction content: Tender drawing prevails.

III. Bid range: Elevator engineering of HEHONG PLAZA project phase 1-1 building A and C, supply and installation of all elevators for building A and C within the scope of construction content

IV. Qualification requirements for tendering units: 1) Class A Manufacture License of Special Equipment, elevator installation: Class A Installation, Modification and Maintenance of Special Equipment

2) One copy of Business License (Sealed);

3) One copy of Tax Registration Certificate and one copy of Organization Code Certificate (Both sealed);

4) Have qualification of general taxpayer and can issue VAT regular invoice;

5) One copy of legal representative certification and ID Card (Sealed);

6) One copy of letter of authorization of legal representative and ID Card (Sealed);

7) Company profile (including business scope, setup framework of corporate departments, employees, technicians, after-sale service system, honor certificates, enterprise website and so on);

8) Letter of Commitment. Bidder shall submit Letter of Commitment whether punishment or penalty (including subsidiaries, branches and others of authorized service) is received within 3 years before bidding;

9) Performance table in present 3 years, mainly similar representative engineering contract and photo album of completion, honors and awards, proposed projects and team resume (All sealed);

10) Department setup of the company: full-time department or personnel are available to be responsible for contract budget, finance, design, quality and engineering management;

11) Experience of construction in similar projects: Experience in supply and installation of elevators for three projects engineering of more than 20,000m2 in present years;

12) The enterprise does not have such problems as major project quality and production safety accident caused by cheating on bidding or serious breach of contract, and being suspended bidding qualification by relevant sectors and remaining in the period of suspension. Besides, the enterprise does not have disciplinary offence or adverse records;

13) The enterprise is not closed down by the order. The property is not taken over, frozen and broken;

V. Submission of application documents for prequalification:

Any bidder participating in the bidding is requested to submit application document for prequalification to corporate Bidding and Procurement Department prior to September 3rd, 2018. The qualification of the bidders will be canceled once they are ascertained of providing false materials.

VI. The inspection and access to bidding documents:

From September 3rd to September 5th, 2018, an on-site inspection will be made on the tendering units whose prequalification materials are qualified. The bidding documents are distributed to qualified units after the inspection through Email.

VII. Closing date for bidding:

Closing date for registration of this bidding is September 5th, 2018.

VIII. Bid bond or equivalent bank guarantee:

RMB 20,000 Yuan only (return through original path within 2 days after reply of the letter of acceptance)

IX. Selection principle:

Synthetical comparison and appraisement.

X. Other ways of releasing announcements:

Release on HEHONG’s official website at

XI. Performance guarantee:

10% of total contract price needs to be provided after winning the bidding as performance guarantee issued by state-owned banks.

XII. Contact:

Tel.: 15998891229

Tender inviting units: Shenyang HEHONG Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Add.: 13F (Room 1305), Building C, CHUANGXIN TIANDI (Quanyun Road No.109, Hunnan District), Shenyang

Contact person: WANG Shicheng