In August, the summer heat seems to reach the maximum value in one year. Besides the boiling temperature, there is a strong urban impulse in sustained and vigorous development.

Shenyang, known as Shengjing, a millennium imperial city with vitality, is brewing brand-new power of development and shaping a new center of the new city by integrating with politics, economy, context, traffic and other strengths. The area of new municipal government in Hunnan is a core place shaped by time. As the new municipal government moves to Shenzhong Avenue of Hunnan, its resource value rises with each passing day, unfolded in front of international Shenyang and even the world like a scroll.

HEHONG PLAZA, relying on advantaged favorable policies, close to the new municipal government, occupies core position and creates contemporary “new municipal government, new center, and complex” of Shenyang --- complex of city center by such type of business as hardcover apartments, street hops nearby subway and ecological office building with meticulous planning. It provides quality business life in urban core along with surrounding international five-star hotels, many institutions of higher learning such as LuXun Academy of Fine Arts and Shenyang Conservatory of Music, and new industrial cluster, presenting the advanced lifestyle of contemporary celebrities.

On August 4th, HEHONG PLAZA had its grand opening, writing a legend with its elegance and talent as the first building in the center. As we all know, present Hunnan New District is planned as per current international standard. HEHONG PLAZA establishes unique architectural style similar to superior and forward-looking international vision. It specially invites international-level institution of architectural design such as American GCH and Spanish Picaz, and internationally acclaimed architect named David Picasso for modern and prominent hardcover apartments with a building area of 46 – 102m2 or so, which receives high praise as making its debut. In its first day of opening, compliments are received from high-quality media and visitor and heated consultation is made from the beginning to ending. Only in a couple of hours, hardcover apartments are completely sold out. HEHONG PLAZA stands shoulder to shoulder at the city center of municipal government, creating a legend along with times. Strong policy-driven factors such as new municipal government and free trade zone endow a historic development opportunity to big Hunnan. Influenced by the cohesive force of government affairs center, HEHONG PLAZA has an incomparable advantage in supporting resources such as culture, ecology, commerce and transportation. Matching with the natural favorable condition of the ecological environment in Hunnan, HEHONG PLAZA takes off definitely along with the section of new municipal government and becomes a high-end model of settlement integrating with the essence of urban civilization and the quintessence of ecological resources in the future.