Since Shenyang municipal government moved southward officially in 2015, Hunnan has ridden on the crest of success and rose sharply in a high profile. On August 4th, 2018, HEHONG PLAZA close to the new municipal government in the south had a grand opening. Valuable hardcover apartments located in the core place of new municipal government arrived after much anticipation. Its popular trend can be imagined!

Located in the urban center, hardcover apartments are always popular products both in integration with top resources, convenient and great work, and scarce products with multiple functions such as self-occupation, commerce and investment. HEHONG PLAZA is very much so, having excellent location advantage, extremely competitive investment attribute and superior function of self-occupation.

The concept of “Location is value” predominates the development of real estate market for decades. HEHONG PLAZA is unequaled in location advantage. As we all know, strong policy-driven factors such as new municipal government and free trade zone endow a historic development opportunity to big Hunnan. HEHONG PLAZA’s built-in advantage in the distance to new municipal government is not duplicable. Influenced by cohesive force of government affairs center, Hunnan’s supporting resources such as culture, ecology, commerce and transportation continue to gather together centering on new municipal government. With the built-in advantage in urban planning and ecological environment, the section in new municipal government will be certain to become high-end model community integrating with the essence of urban civilization and the quintessence of ecological resources in the future.

The given gifts are not to create mediocrity. In order not to waste such a precious land, HEHONG Real Estate invites international master organization for design. David Picasso Design Organization and American GCH work together to create a landmark for the urban area as front cover. Such business format with meticulous planning as hardcover apartments, street shops nearby subway and ecological office building form the complex in the city center, jointly presenting a kind of advanced lifestyle belonging to contemporary celebrities.

On August 4th, HEHONG PLAZA had its first opening, a pioneer contributing to the city with sincere discounts. Hardcover apartments with about 46-102m2 of building area waited silently to be purchased crazily!